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Landscaping, Retaining, and Commercial/DOT Walls in West Virginia

Peerless carries the nation’s top lines of landscape, retaining, and commercial/DOT  wall products and provides technical assistance for larger-scale or more elaborate applications.

Landscaping Walls - Landscaping walls are free standing walls built to help to define space and provide beauty to your backyard. If you add tall plants to the soil behind the wall, it'll provide a natural barrier from elements such as wind or hot sun. Landscaping walls are concrete or natural stone blocks that are stacked on top of each other.

Retaining Walls - Are interlocking wall systems that are easily assembled from specially-designed concrete masonry units. These units lock together to create a durable and environmentally sound wall that can be tailored to suit any residential or commercial setting. A retaining wall can create a raised patio, transform a landscape, upgrade a building site, or reclaim a yard with sturdy, attractive units available in multiple sizes, colors, and textures.

Commercial/DOT Walls - These walls are required to support heavy loads with reinforced concrete that has been designed to withstand the forces applied by the materials it supports.

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