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Wide Variety of Colors, Shapes, Sizes & Textures of Concrete Block

In the early 1900s, over 100 years ago, concrete blocks were made by combining cement, aggregates, and water and packing the block molds by hand, one at a time. Today, Peerless’ automated facility produces up to 50,000 concrete masonry units (“CMUs”) each day while controlling for quality and uniformity.


  • No longer the “gray building blocks” of the past, today’s concrete blocks come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures.
  •  They are versatile, highly functional, and used in nearly every type of building construction from residential and commercial structures to roadside paving and landscape projects.
  • Architects and engineers enjoy the functionality, flexibility and beauty of concrete masonry, while homeowners benefit from its durability, low maintenance, and fire and pest-resistance.
  • Peerless’ team of Besser-Certified Master Block Makers produces a variety of architectural block styles and colors from the highest quality raw materials.
  • From traditional 8” gray blocks for foundations to our custom color architectural products, customers count on Peerless’ consistency and value.

The Block Color Chart

Colors: Every effort has been made to assure accuracy in the above colors. However, due to the nature of concrete and the manufacturing process, as well as variations in viewing on your particular computer screen, colors may vary slightly. Peerless recommends viewing actual samples as you make your color selection.