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Add Style & Structure to your Outdoor Space in West Virginia

Concrete pavers are a fantastic way to add style and structure to your outdoor space. The durability and timelessness of paving stones make them popular for both commercial and residential applications. We carry a wide range of stone pavers that are available in a variety of sizes, widths, color options and textures allowing you to create the perfect outdoor design for your space. Our Pavers are made from either concrete, natural stone, clay brick or porcelain.

Dimensional Falgstone With Kodah Fire Pit

Why Dimensional Flagstone?

Dimensional Flagstone has an authentic natural slate texture. With uniform thickness and accurate dimensions, you will experience a beautiful result on your project.

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Pavers Main Page Grand Flagstone Hardscapes

Why Grand Flagstone?

Grand Flagstone has a beautiful natural stone texture. Its 15-unique shapes replicate large, irregular flagstones.
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Why Superior Steppers

Why Superior Steppers?

Step back in history with the timeless charm of stone steps. Perfect for any home style, the natural look and feel of our steps will blend perfectly with any surroundings.

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