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Fireplace Materials & Masonry Accessories in West Virginia

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For centuries, the warmth of the fireplace has been the focal point of family life. Whether your fireplace is indoor or outdoor, wood-burning or gas, it is the place where family comes together to relax. Peerless has all the products and accessories necessary to enhance the look of an indoor fireplace, or create a cozy all-season fireplace or fire pit in your own backyard.



  • You'll Save Money on Your Energy Bills
  • Your Living Room Will Become the Center of Your Home
  • You'll Have Warmth and Light If You Lose Power
  • It Will Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Peerless has all the accessories and fireplace products that you will ever need

We offer a wide variety of masonry accessories, including things like cast Iron dampers, ash dumps, chimney caps, flue liners, fire brick, crawl space doors, foundation vents, reinforcement wire, control joint, flashing, wall ties, anchors, masonry tools, blasting sand, colored masonry cement, concrete mix, masonry cleaners and much more!

Residential & Commercial Fireplace Accessory Brands

Residential & Commercial Masonry Accessory Brands


  • We carry a wide variety of accessories for both residential and commercial masonry projects

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