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Life’s Best Moments are Etched in Stone

Hardscape products are eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and offer design flexibility with a large array of shapes, textures and colors.
The aesthetic value of adding pavers, retaining walls, and other hardscape products and accessories allows you to beautify your property and gives your landscape a more finished look. A patio or walkway, an outdoor kitchen and grill, a pond or water feature, fireplaces and outdoor lighting are just a few of the ways homeowners can add value to their homes by investing in hardscape products. They’re also ideal for commercial property owners that want to create pedestrian walkways or outdoor living spaces, which can increase property value and add curb appeal.

We offer the highest quality hardscape products from the most trusted brands. No matter what your next project may be, Peerless has the products and expertise to meet your needs in West Virginia, it’s surrounding states and the Mid-Atlantic States!

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Saddle Mountain Kodah Wall

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