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Your Anchor Block Wall Dealer in West Virginia

Peerless Block & Brick is your local Anchor block dealer in West Virginia serving the entire state and beyond. We provide our customers with the highest quality Anchor products, and we are the leading manufacturer of retaining walls, and all retaining wall accessories.

Our team has decades of experience working with Anchor blocks, and we’re committed to providing you with the best service possible.

  • Highland FSW - Free Standing Wall Blocks by Anchor Highland Stone® are not only attractive but also robust and long-lasting. The blocks are created with a special "no slump" concrete mixture that is subjected to high-frequency vibrations and intense pressure to make them both structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.
  • Highland RW -  The multiple sizes of the Highland Stone® retaining wall system evoke the charming, hand-stacked walls of centuries past.
  • Aspen Stone - A timeless face style gives the Aspen Stone® retaining wall system a handsome, rough-hewn appearance.
  • Diamond - The dependability of Diamond® retaining wall systems has made them the preferred choice for decades.
  • Diamond 10D - The rough-hewn appearance of the natural stone makes it beautiful, and the strength and durability of these products means they will last for many years.
  • Diamond Pro - Its time-tested strength makes Diamond Pro® retaining wall systems the contractors’ choice for large-scale projects
  • Diamond Pro 9D - This lightweight version of Diamond Pro is a great fit for budget-conscious residential and light commercial retaining wall projects.
  • Diamond Pro Pin Set - The Diamond Pro Pin Set provides a durable and dependable solution for a broad range of large commercial, municipal and residential retaining wall projects.
  • Caps - Caps and copings protect the walls and give them a more finished look.

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