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Outdoor living kits and design elements can transform an ordinary backyard into a dramatic extension of your home. Outdoor fireplaces, barbeque islands, kitchens, fire pits, and water features can turn any area into a cozy retreat for entertaining family and friends. Select a pre-built kit that can be assembled for immediate use or a DIY kit with all materials included.

Spend more time outside than inside and expand your living space with quality materials that retain their beauty throughout the life of your home. Visit Peerless today to see the complete line of outdoor living kits and design elements that are available.

Backyard getaways begin with Peerless!

Fireplace Night Patio[1]
Belvedere Round Fire Pit

Belvedere Round Fire Pit

belvedere square firepit

Belvedere Square Fire Pit

kodah firepit

Kodah Fire Pit