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Hand-stacked, Centuries-old Charm in Highland 6" Retaining Wall System

Highland Stone® retaining walls by Anchor are the perfect way to add beauty and function to your landscape. With their natural appearance, these walls act as both a stunning architectural feature and an exacting functional design. Choose from one of our many sizes, or create a custom wall that’s just right for you by combining pieces of any size you wish.

Project Applications

  • Planters
  • Raised Patios
  • Staircases
  • Terraced Walls

System Performance

  • Max. Gravity Wall Height: 4’6”
  • System Batter: 10.6°
  • Min. Inside Radius: 8’0”
  • Min. Outside Radius: 4’0”
Highland RW Walls

Get Inspired: Take a look at the Highland Retaining Wall System by Anchor Sample Projects Below