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Azpects is headquartered in the town of Ipswich in the United Kingdom and specializes in manufacturing and distributing hardscaping products to the European and North American construction marketplace.

North American operations are led by Geoff Whitcher, President of AZPECTS USA based in Dallas, TX. Geoff has over 40 years of experience in the hardscape industry and has been involved in some of the most prestigious and groundbreaking projects across the globe.

Why Choose Azpects Products

The final step of the installation is jointing, and it's crucial to do it correctly. A good joint guarantees that your paving stones are not only set up properly but also remain in place for many years to come. That is why we recommend Azpects jointing products. 


  • Azpects offers EasyJoint, EasyClickBase, EasyJointPro, EasyPorcelin, & EasyCare
  • EasyClickBase is compatible with all regulated paving materials, including concrete, natural stone, and porcelain.
  • EasyJoint is the original permeable sweep-in jointing compound
  • EasyClickBase is an immensely strong, extremely light, amazingly versatile, & highly portable base that can be used in tandem with any
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