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Retaining Walls

Diamond Pro Stone Cut

Retaining walls can enhance a variety of landscape projects. Applications range from 8-inch terraces for erosion control or architectural accent to structural walls measuring 20 feet or higher.

Because the individual concrete units can be installed to virtually any straight or curved plan imaginable, retaining walls can be used next to driveways, buildings, and parking lots in addition to stabilizing cuts and fills next to highways and many other applications. Retaining walls replace wood, cast-in-place concrete, steel, and other systems because of their durability, ease of installation, and ability to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Concrete units resist deterioration when exposed to the elements without the addition of toxic additives that can threaten the environment.

Peerless manufactures retaining wall units in strict accordance with quality standards. These requirements assure lasting performance, little or no maintenance, structural integrity, and continued aesthetic value.

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