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Renaissance Rocked Face Unit

Creating true distinction requires the finest materials and creative freedom. The incredible diversity and design quality of Arriscraft’s all natural, high performance stone products meet your every objective. Arriscraft delivers the most compelling selection of commercial stone products – from thin clad, to contemporary brick, to cutting-edge building stone.

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Cordova Stone

Cordova Stone

Cordova Stone can economically supply you with the look and feel of natural limestone. This high-quality masonry product is made from all natural aggregates that deliver consistent color through the block.

Cordova Stone delivers the prestigious appearance which has remained a desired look for centuries. This high-quality masonry product adds beauty and elegance to all residential, commercial and institutional projects.

The Cordova Stone advantage:

  • Denser than concrete block
  • Tight tolerances on all units
  • Integral water repellent added as standard.
  • Greater flexibility in customizing each unit. Cordova Stone units can also can be easily cut and shaped on site.

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Omni Block

Omni Block

Omni Block is an insulated “stand-alone” structural wall system. It does not require furring strips, additional insulation, or sheetrock to complete the wall, even though numerous finishes may be added for aesthetic purposes.

At its core, Omni Block is a patented insulated cementitous masonry unit (CMU) wall system which combines the benefits of indigenous aggregates, Expanded Polystyrene, thermal lag (the delay, disruption and redirection of heat flow), exposed thermal mass (the absorption of heat), and air tightness. This results in a thermally efficient wall system with a high R-value and is consistent with well-known and widely accepted thermal performance concepts.

Peerless Block is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of Omni Block in West Virginia!

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Echelon Masonry

Trendstone Plus Groundface

Trenwyth's reputation for quality, innovation and customer service has been the hallmark of the company for over 35 years. Trenwyth pre-faced glazed and pre-finished ground faced concrete masonry units feature hundreds of colors, shapes, sizes and finishes to inspire endless design possibilities.

Verastone® recycled ground face and Verastone Plus recycled filled and polished masonry units provide innovative recycled material with uncompromising design and application flexibility. Verastone and Verastone Plus, along with Astra-Glaze-SW+® and Acousta-Wal®, contain significant pre-consumer recycled content contributing points toward the LEED Green Building Rating System®.


To ensure the highest quality products, Trenwyth manufacturing facilities control the entire process from manufacturing of the raw masonry blocks to the pre-facing and pre-finishing components. You can always count on Trenwyth for high quality architectural concrete masonry units..

Flexible & Innovative

In response to changing design and installation needs, Trenwyth units are constantly being developed in new shapes, sizes and finishes. If you have a special design need, chances are Trenwyth will accommodate it. Call your Trenwyth representative and they’ll show you just how flexible and innovative the products can be!

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